Colouring Your Hardwood

Ask yourself these questions:

What look am I trying to get with this wood? How and I going to decorate it? What colour scheme in the furniture will there be in this room? Is there going to be a lot sunlight in the room where the hardwood is? What type of wood is the hardwood? Your answers to these questions will help you determine the best stain colour choice.
Here are the main colour choices available in stores for hardwood:

Basic Brown Shades: Brown shades look great with almost every decor imaginable. Warm browns pair well with cream coloured, gold coloured, or peachy coloured furniture.

Black Beauties -This colour for hardwoods is not for the faint of heart. There should be a lot of light coming into a room with black wood staining. Light furniture and splashes of colour also adds brightness to contrast and balance the darkness. Go for whites, reds or metallic tones in your furnishings.

Bold Reds And Orange – If you’re looking for a standout feature floor, go for these tones. But beware, make sure your decor will pair well with these colours. Furnishings in white, blue, or green can go well with these colours. If you’re going for a deep shiny red floor, balance the red with white and grey decor.

Good-Old Greys – Greys enhance the grain of the flooring so it’s a great colour that shows off the wood real well. It also is a good backdrop for any interesting furniture pieces and can be a canvas for colourful furniture.

Beautiful Beiges – This is another good neutral look like grey and brown hardwood. Beige floors though tend to look much better in a home when the wood furniture that fills it has matching shades of beige. If you want a clean and simple look, go for beige. If you want to add a pop of colour, you can do so in the choice of curtains, rugs, or the upholstery.

Wonderful Whites – If you want your furniture or art to stand out, this flooring choice is perfect for you. This can can also go great for a beach house look with blue or green accents in furnishings.

Amber Honey Yellows And Tans – Warm tans and yellows are perfect for the classic hardwood look. Great choice of colour for family homes. These tones are best with leather furniture and other rustic woods.

Other questions to consider when choosing hardwood colour:

How big is the room?
If you are working with a fairly small room, it is usually best to go for lighter colours like whites, tans, beiges, or yellows. Of course, if it’s to connected to a bigger room, it’s best to match the flooring. If the floor is dark in the larger connecting room, go for the dark floor in that smaller area.

What is the style you’re going for?
If you want a sophisticated look, darker tones are usually the norm. Golden yellows and light tans are best for comfortable and family oriented rooms.

Is it easy to maintain?
It is easier to hide marks and dust on lighter-coloured hardwood. If there is heavy traffic on your hardwood, don’t go for the dark colouring as scratches will easily show unless you protect it with rugs and are willing refinish it every few years. A Custom Floor Sanding can help you refinish your precious floors with ease.


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