Why can we say that A Custom Floor is the most trustworthy timber floor sanding company in Seven Hills? There are a large number of reasons, not least being the fact we have been working hard in this industry since the mid 1990s. That’s 25 years of hard earned reputation. Also of note, when you add the collective experience from across our team, we have almost 100 years’ combined experience between us! The value of experience can’t be understated. All of our team members are expert floor sanders and highly experienced polishers. They know how to deliver top quality every time.

Have a look at our great google reviews to get a sense of why customers choose to come with us over and above other companies. We have an impeccable record of delivering on what we offer for our clients, and providing service that leave our guests smiling from ear to ear as they walk over their beautiful floors.

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A key thing that separates us from so many other floor sanding companies is that we take great care of each and every one of our clients. We keep them happy not only by delivering outstanding workmanship, but also by providing friendly customer service along the way.

Our aim is to leave each of our clients happy to recommend us to their friends. We understand the importance of keeping a customer well informed throughout the job, providing them with any advice that they require and assisting them in the decision-making process. You will get a sense of our friendly and professional approach from your first call with us. It’s your project, so we prioritise keeping you well informed.

Renovation and building projects can be notoriously stressful so we aim to take away those stresses and frustrations. If you are looking for wood floor sanding in Seven Hills and you’d like it to be as hassle free as possible, then A Custom Floor is your one-stop-shop.

We go above and beyond helping you out when it comes to all the advice and support you need when deciding on what you would like to do with your timber floors… we also have built a business using the highest quality equipment and supplies so that you can bring your vision for your home to life. But what does that entail, you might ask…?

To start with, we have invested in the very best machinery on the market to ensure top quality results. Add to that our policy of using nothing but the finest quality products for coating your floor and you know our winning formula: solid experience plus expensive machinery plus quality products and the result is a great floor time and time again. If you are someone who wants the best for your home, then A Custom Floor Sanding Seven Hills is the company for you.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals

All About Sanding

To make a customer feel confident and comfortable usually involves allowing them to have a good understanding of what phases of work we go through to bring their floors to life ie what to expect. Read on for an overview of the Sanding Process:

Starting Out

To access your floors, furniture will need to be cleared from the rooms. This should just leave floor coverings such as lino or carpet to be dealt with. We can quote to remove this for you, including the removal of anything that is keeping it in place eg, glue, staples or nails. Often nails have been used to attach boards to your house joists in which case we need to punch these down to minimise floorboard movement and often ridding you of any bothersome squeaks while we’re at it.

The Middle Stage

Having taken out the floor coverings we may come across damaged floor boards that were hidden up until this point. If this is case we assess the damage to see if it is reparable and if not then we source a replacement board for your floors. Because your existing floor has consistent ageing and colouring throughout we want to be sure to match the current boards carefully. As you can imagine, a fresh new board hot off the mill is not the right option. Instead we source our replacement boards from timber salvaging yards so that we can get the ideal match.

The Final Sanding Stage

At this point in the process, we are ready to get started with our sanding. Typically, floors that have been covered up or had years of use can be quite uneven. To rectify this, we start off with quite a rough graded sand paper to achieve the lateral flatness that we want, sanding at a very particular 45-degree angle.

Having completed the first rough sand, we start with our fine sanding paper on the belt sander, sanding the timber with-grain, repeatedly, using a higher grade of sand paper each time. When we are satisfied that it is as smooth as is possible, we will switch to the rotary sander to carry out the finishing sand.

A quality rotary sander has been specially designed for finishing off floors by erasing the fine marks produced during the belt sanding stage. This step is quite a fun one because it is here that you get your first glimpse of what your fully sanded floors have come out like. Once we have completed each of the above steps to our high level of quality, then your floors will be ready to be coated.

And yet another advantage of choosing A Custom Floor, you won’t need to start re-searching wood floor polishing in Seven Hills because you will have the very best polishers right on hand to complete the process.

We Always Choose Great Products

Put simply, there are two types of Polyurethane for your floors, it is just a matter of what type of aesthetic you want for your home. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this department so we can help you with your decision.

The first category, a popular one at that, is Solvent based Polyurethane. We recom-mend these to clients that seek a high gloss look for their finish. So, if you want a high gloss effect for your floors with good depth of finish this will be a perfect choice for you. Solvent based polys can be used for a variety of other looks as well thanks to their Semi-gloss and matt product lines. We can explain what options these open up for you.

When we have clients, who desire more of a low sheen look, we would usually suggest the other Polyurethane category, that is the Water-based product range. Not only do they offer a fantastic final product, but this product has a number of advantages, including the fact that they are non-toxic, they are low odour, and what’s more, they are even friendly for our environment.

The fact that water based Solvents are quick dry makes it is easier to ensure no fine dust has affected the final finish. Of course, you wouldn’t expect a high gloss finish but the subtle sheen is very consistent and it is a great option for more of an under-stated or refined look.

The Products We Choose to Work with

The most impressive workmanship in the world could still be undone by finishing a floor with a low quality product. The products we use for our Timber Floor Polishing Seven Hills are always the very best.

It is our expert opinion that POLYCURE & FEAST WATSON currently offer the best range of solvent based polyurethanes on the market. On the other hand, if we are looking for a water based polyurethane, we choose LOBA DUO & BONA TRAFFIC as an excellent option.

Thinking of Having Your Floors Stained?

One of your final choices that you should make a decision on, is whether to finish your floors by having them stained. The great thing about staining as an option is that it opens up a world of possibilities for you. With the right advice at hand of course, you will have no need to be overwhelmed by the many options. With us there to help you it is more of a case of helping us to understand your vision, so that we can tell you what combination of options will bring your vision to life.

When you contact us for your wooden floor sanding in Seven Hills, one of the first things we will offer is a complimentary professional consultation. Many of our clients have decided to include wood staining in their plans for their floors because it allows them to get the exact look that they are hoping for, for their homes.

Choosing a Tint Stain

We love this option for clients who just want their floors to appear slightly darker, or perhaps they want to achieve a slightly different tone to match the decor in their home.

Choosing a Direct Stain

This is the option we recommend to clients who tell us they want to achieve a noticeably darker look, for example a walnut or black japan timber type of floor. These direct stain methods do take additional time and of course a high level of care but the transformation is very exciting.

Where to from Here?

Reading this article, you probably have more awareness of the many and varied possibilities available for you in overhauling your timber floors. When you are working alongside a company that offers the right skills and customer care then it can be a fun and creative process instead of a daunting and frustrating one. During our initial consultation, we will give you sound advice on everything to ensure you have a good grasp on the process and your options.

So, don’t put it off, reach for the phone. Even if you are still early on in deciding what direction you want to go, we can help you with crucial advice and information. For friendly advice on all things tinting, sanding and Floor Polishing Seven Hills, you can’t go past A Custom Floor. Call now, we are here to help.