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We have a clear understanding that a happy customer is one who is provided not just with an excellent product, but also outstanding service along with it. We pride ourselves on looking after our clients which includes good communicate from the outset, and throughout the job. We make it possible for our clients to make creative and informed decisions. From the very moment you contact us we will make a point to provide you with all your options so that you end up with the best looking floor possible.

We believe in making our client’s lives as easy as we can by removing those pain points that are usually encountered. If you would rather avoid the hassles and frustrations often linked to renovation or building projects, then the only option when it comes to wood floor sanding in Carina is to let the best in the trade step in and help you out – A Custom Floor.

You will find that we go beyond being just a professional and friendly source of information to assist you with your decisions; we have invested greatly in our company so that we have everything we need to deliver the best results. What does that include?

Well first of all, we have top of the line machinery. Next, we make sure to use only the very quality products available on the market. That is the formula that makes for success: years of experience while working with always the very best machinery and products available. This allows us to deliver top-quality results that we can be proud of. There’s nothing complicated, it’s really as simple as that. Sounding good? For Floor Sanding Carina, you can’t go wrong contacting A Custom Floor.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals

Let’s Talk About Sanding

Stage One of Floor Sanding

Prior to our arrival we ask that furniture and other items be cleared so that we can immediately have access to the floors. Timber floors that have been covered up with lino or carpet will need to be stripped back. We take care of this at a cost if you like, fully removing the coverings, extracting the nails and staples and getting rid of any residual glue. When there are still nails in place to attach boards to joists then we punch these down – often causing some of those pesky creaks to disappear and stopping unwanted movement amongst the floorboards.

Stage Two of Floor Sanding

It is occasionally the case that some degree of pre-existing damage becomes visible, usually to individual boards that have cracked or broken from wear and tear. We are well placed to quickly sort this out. In the case that the board cannot be refurbished to our high standard, then we instead replace it entirely. Now because older floors have been perfecting their unique look with time, it is not possible to insert some brand-new piece of flooring as it would not fit in with the rest of the floor. Instead we use our sources for salvaged timber to find a piece of timber that best matches the floor in appearance.

Stage Three of Floor Sanding

By this stage we are ready to begin with the actual sanding of your floors. Often timber floors that have been covered up or used for years will have quite a rough surface. To get the lateral flatness that we require for your final picture-perfect floors, we will start off by using a rough grade of sand paper and sanding the floor at a very specific 45 degree angle.

Once the initial rough sand is completed, we will sand the floor over and over again, progressively selecting finer sandpaper with each go-over with our belt sander. Once it has finally reached our high standard for this stage, we will then use our rotary sander for the final sanding.

Top-quality rotary sanders have been specially designed to perfect a floor by eradicating any fine marks which were produced by the belt sander. It can be a lot of fun seeing this final sand because you finally get to see those gorgeously smooth floors emerging through the dust. Each of these stages are necessary to get your floor ready for coating.

Yet another advantage of choosing our company is not only will we take care of your sanding needs, we are also the best in the industry for wood floor polishing in Carina. We are very skilled at finishing your floor and will show the same level of care and expertise as we did through the sanding process.

Using Only the Best Products

There are two types of Polyurethane for timber floors, it is up to you to decide which look you prefer for your home. Once again, you needn’t be overwhelmed by what to choose, and what will work best in your home. Trust the experts for sound advice and useful demonstrations so that you can settle on a choice that is just right for you.

A popular choice to have certainly withstood the test of time is that of Solvent based Polyurethanes. Typically, our clients that choose this option do so because they want a high gloss finish. It will surely deliver what you want when it comes to high gloss and strong depth of finish. The solvent polyurethanes can also produce different looks using the Semi-gloss or matt products within the range.

When we have a client who is not a fan of high gloss, favouring more of a subtle or low sheen effect we tend to recommend the other category; water based polyure-thane. Some of the things we love about recommending these polys, is that not only will they give you a great finish, but they are non-toxic, low odour, and easy on the environment.

These water based Solvents dry particularly quickly which is another advantage as it minimises the time that the floor could be exposed to fine dust. Using these polyurethanes we can produce a soft and consistent sheen for your floors – understated but perfect for show casing the natural beauty of the timber.

Our Product Brands of Choice

Even the best workmanship possible can still be undone if an inferior product is then used to coat over all that hard work. We avoid this mistake. For Timber Floor Polishing Carina A Custom Floors works only with the very best products available.

We find that working with POLYCURE & FEAST WATSON for solvent based polyure-thane and LOBA DUO & BONA TRAFFIC for our water based polyurethanes allows us to be confident in top quality results.

If You Would Like Your Floors Stained

There are lots of variables in producing your floor and one option available to you, is to have them stained. Timber staining opens up many possibilities for your floors and allows you to create any number of tones to match the aesthetic of your home. Once again, you are in good hands because you don’t have to know all the variables, you just have to have a look in mind and then discuss it with us.

Part of the service we offer at A Custom Floors, when you come to us for your wooden floor sanding in Carina, is an in-depth, complimentary consultation which includes advice on what we could create using staining techniques. Even lower cost timber can be greatly enhanced with some highly skilled timber staining

Tint Stains

We recommend this for clients who would like their timber floors to be only slightly altered, perhaps a few shades darker or a different tone to enhance their decor.

Direct Stains

We recommend this for clients who would like a noticeably different change, perhaps a much darker look such as walnut or black japan. A direct stain does take some extra time and care but for those wanting darker floors, the degree of transformation can be remarkable.

What Now?

Having read this article, you will have a sense of the many possibilities and options on hand when you are dealing with tradesmen who are skilled and experienced. When working with experts you can receive great advice so that the choices don’t feel overwhelming. It’s as easy as telling us what you are looking for, and we will give you the recommendations as to how to make your vision a reality. And we go out of our way to make the process a fun and low-stress journey for you.

So what now? Get in touch and we can start with some friendly advice and question answering today. For everything you need when it comes to Floor Sanding, Tinting and Floor Polishing Carina, don’t go past A Custom Floor for top advice and fantastic service.