Here at A Custom floor sanding we have established ourselves as a timber floor sanding company in Wellington Point with over 25 years’ experience within the industry. Our dedicated team has accrued almost 100 years of collective experience! The great thing about leaving your job with us is the confidence you can have in us to deliver timber floors that will quickly become the focal feature of your home. Now don’t just accept our word on this. Look at our past customer’s reviews on google to see what they have to say. You’ll see that we have established ourselves as the highest reviewed wooden floor polishing company in Wellington Point and Brisbane-surrounds. When reviewing our company, customers regularly comment on the confidence-inspiring professionalism from the first contact, and through to hand-over at job completion. We know how to keep the entire process as straightforward as possible for our customers, getting rid of the typical frustrations often encountered while dealing with the trade industry. You make a good decision when delegating your wood floor sanding in Wellington Point to our company. And how is it that we achieve these consistently outstanding results? Expensive, High Quality Machinery – Top of the Line Coatings – Great Experience

We have a great team of floor sanders and polishers, all experts in their field. Our tradesmen use only very high-end machines that produce superior results when in the hands of a skilled operated. The way that we can deliver floors of such a high quality is by using top quality coatings. At A Custom Floor Sanding Wellington Point we select brands we can rely on, brands such as Loba and Polycure.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals


The Prep Stage

After we’ve moved the furniture out of your rooms, we will care for each stage of the process until we deliver those stunning polished timber floors that have envisioned. We start out by getting rid of floor coverings (eg carpet or lino) as and when required, taking care to remove all left-over nails and staples. We punch down the nails that fix boards to joists which often takes care of those noisy creaks and makes sure that there is no future movement of your boards.


When we are removing the floor coverings we may uncover some damage to floor boards that was obscured by the carpet or lino. Part of our job is repairing damaged boards using timber sourced from quality salvage yards, taking care to match the age and look of your floor.

Floor Sand

At this stage, we commence with the sanding process. Having considered the current condition of the floor we may first sand it at a special 45 degree angle with rough grade of sand paper as this creates lateral flatness. Your timber floors are then sanded over and over using sandpaper that is progressively finer. Our concluding sanding preparation is with a specialized rotary sander designed specifically to buff away the fine sanding marks that are produced by the belt sander. Now your floors are superbly smooth and they are ready for us to apply the coatings. The decisions that go with wood floor polishing in Wellington Point might appear complicated but they needn’t be when we are here to expertly help with the decision-making process.


Solvent-based Polyurethane

Over the years, floors have traditionally been coated with a solvent based polyure-thane. Still today, this remains a product of choice for many people. For clients who want a high gloss finish, its quite hard to overlook the depth of finish that these solvent based polyurethanes can achieve. With that said, our top-quality solvent based polyurethanes can also produce contemporary warm effects through skilfully using some of the Semi-gloss, Satin and Matt finishes that we can offer.

Water-based Polyurethane
The water based Polyurethanes are designed to create an exceptional furniture-like finish on a wooden floor. For a high gloss finish, a solvent based polyurethane is the favored option however for a low sheen finish, a water based polyurethane is definitely your best option. Water-based polyurethanes are non-toxic, they are low odor and they are environ-mentally-friendly. Being fast drying, very little dust particles present in the final finish and you will find the sheen to be very consistent.

Our Preferred brands
We will use only the most superior coatings at A Custom Timber Floor Polishing Wel-lington Point. Our preferred solvent based range is POLYCURE & FEAST WATSON. Our preferred water based range is LOBA DUO & BONA TRAFFIC


We are the company to contact if you need a Floor staining expert.While they are getting their wooden floor sanding in Wellington Point done, home owners will often decide to also have their timber floors stained. Even if you have opted for a more economical timber choice, staining it can transform an average floor into a beautiful piece of art.

With floor staining, you have two main options:
When our clients ask for a moderately darker look for their floor, or when they want to just slightly change the tone of the timber, we would opt for a tint stain coat. Getting good consistency across a timber floor requires a high level of expertise. When the choice has been for a darker option such as walnut or black japan, we would suggest staining the timber floor directly. This is not a quick process, but it also produces fantastic results! The important part of ending up with a first-class stain result is first sitting down with an expert for an in-depth consultation. We start this consultation by providing stain samples that allow you to see for yourself what the vision in your mind will look like when brought to life on your floors. Don’t delay, we are ready to take your call for friendly advice and to arrange your complimentary timber floor free appraisal! At A Custom Floor Polishing Wellington Point, our mission is to deliver the magnificent timber floor show-piece that you want as a feature in your home. We are here to help make your life that little bit easier and bring your flooring dreams to reality.