If you seek wooden floor sanding in New Farm, you are looking in the right place. A Custom Floors are the wooden flooring experts who specialise in impressing their clients with great service and first-rate workmanship. We’re sure you would agree, that getting other customers comments on a company is a great way to know what you can expect with regards to their standard of service. Knowing this, we encourage you to see what our clients have to say about A Custom Floor. Check out our Google+ page and read the many reviews our happy patrons have left about our company.

What is it that make our customers so pleased to recommend our services to other people? Firstly, we pay attention to all the details. To be the best at wooden floor polishing New Farm we need to understand the vision our customer has for their floor and bring that vision to life, while minimising the disruption to their everyday lives. We value communicating clearly with our clients to make sure that the job is done correctly, right from the get-go.

Working with a natural material requires considerable skill and expertise. We are proud to have acquired more than two decades experience working in timber Floor Sanding New Farm, which means you can have complete confidence that you are in great hands. Each individual member of our team has attained at least ten years work experience in our trade so they know how to expertly work with timber, producing stunning floors again and again.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals

Commencing any project with your home may feel intimidating so we have compiled some tips to set you on the best path:


Reviews are essentially a preview of what you should expect from a business. It’s not unusual for people who sought wood floor polishing New Farm to find themselves frustrated with the whole experience. We recommend learning from other folks’ misfortune by engaging in thorough research before committing to a flooring company. The most valuable research you can carry out is looking at the company’s Google + rating and checking the online reviews. This will provide an insight into the type of company that you are considering.


To avoid being surprised or disappointed down the track, be sure to receive a comprehensive quote.  This is an important part of your agreement with the company, and a valuable reference for you. As important as showing the fees for the proposed job, is understanding precisely what will be included in those fees. You will regret going with a low quote if it turns out that your floor was incompetently sanded with an inadequate number of coats applied.


It is advisable to get two quotes or more, especially if your venture is quite a sizeable one. Don’t forget the saying, you get what you pay for. We have found this to be quite true in our trade. Start asking questions if a company is too quick to offer a surprisingly low quote. This might be because they cut costs in ways that impact the quality of the final floor.

Or it might be that there is just low demand for this company, which is a concerning indicator given the high level of demand generally across the trade. 

What Do Quality Flooring Companies Provide? 

A conscientious, good quality company for wood floor sanding New Farm would not cut corners as they are aware that it impacts on the quality. Included in their quote will be costs not accounted for by a company that provides low quality finishes.

It is a good sign to see a quote that includes costs for the following:

  • Fully qualified and well experienced employees. The expertise of the servicemen actually carrying out the work is a crucial factor in the final quality of your floors.
  • Details and descriptions that show proper procedures will be followed for all stages of the flooring process. Quality flooring companies take care and adequate time to get the job done right.
  • Timber is unique and unpredictable there will always be special factors that need taking care of with each individual job.  Skilled flooring specialists have the know-how to make sure that every floor is finished to the highest standard even if the natural timber presents some challenges along the way. Working with timber is more of an art than a science and those experienced in the field know to expect this.

With these handy hints and suggestions you can confidentially start on your plans for your flooring project. If you are a home owner who values quality then we would encourage you to get in touch with us, to talk more about your timber floor polishing New Farm needs. We have a reputation for being the best in the business, a reputation that we have worked hard to build up. If you are in the market for floor sanding New Farm you can’t go wrong with contacting A Custom Floors for your free consultation today.