Our past clients who chose us for wooden floor sanding in Kenmore highly recommend us, which means you will love what we do. Look at our Google+ page to read reviews of previous customers who were delighted with our great service and exceptional workmanship.

But hey, we don’t want to convince you by our own claims, we know it’s much better to hear from customers who have received our services and see what they have to say. Check our reviews to see for yourself.

So, what makes A Custom Floor stand out from all other Floor Sanding Companies?

To start with, we do things right the first time! A lot of people have learnt the hard way that many companies offering wooden floor polishing Kenmore prove to be untrustworthy and incompetent, causing anxiety and frustration as you await your timber floors to be completed. We are different. We fully understand what is involved in making the experience an enjoyable one for our clients.

Experience and skill are crucial when you are working with a natural material. We take pride in what we do and we know this industry inside out. A Custom Floors are the best in the industry for timber Floor Sanding Kenmore. We’ve been in this business for over two decades and each member of our team have a minimum 10 years’ experience. We have a polite and professional team and you can trust that we will treat your home with the appropriate care and respect.

But like we said, no need to take our word for it, read for yourself what previous customers had to say. For renovations, great or small, finding a dependable and experienced floor sander can be quite a job in its own right!

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals

If you are interested in in making the whole experience a bit easier, here are our three top tips:


A common complaint regarding wood floor polishing Kenmore is often that the tradesmen haven’t started their job on time, or that the work isn’t up to standard.

Prior to the internet, word of mouth recommendations were very useful when selecting a company. Well the good news is, this is still an option. Possibly the most important step when selecting your floor sanding company is going with a well recommended company. When researching a floor sanding company, it is important that you consider their Google+ rating. If a company has a strong online presence, and actually encourages their customers to leave their feedback it is always a good sign that they are a service provider that you can have confidence in.



A Comprehensive quote is crucial if you want to make sure that the agreement goes according to plan. There are particular things to check for that can let you know whether or not you are dealing with a professional company.  Is there an ABN listed? And how detailed is the description of work? If it is brief or vague you run the risk of facing additional charges as the process unfolds. You don’t want to be held to ransom by an unethical tradie because you didn’t realise the quote did not cover everything that you expected it to.



We recommend getting more than one quote before you settle on a company. Our many years in the flooring industry has reinforced our belief in the saying, “you always get what you pay for”. If you notice that a company is more than happy to cut their fees to win your job then it’s probably for one of these reasons. Firstly, business is slow for them, which doesn’t reflect well on their standard of service and the quality of their floors. And

secondarily, floor polishing Kenmore companies who offer their services for surprisingly low cost, can most likely do so by cutting corners. A properly finished floor requires multiple go-overs during the sanding phase, this is a corner that could easily be cut. Another, is insufficiently coating the floor. If timber doesn’t receive the right number of coatings, it will cost less sure, but there are inevitably problems that will follow. A badly sanded floor will show scuff marks and scratches and will feel rough underfoot. Even worse, floor that has not been properly coated will lack durability and will be susceptible to warping from moisture exposure.

Obviously financial considerations are in important part of your decision but be careful not to be lured into low cost low, quality options that will cost you more in the long run.

The reasons a good quality company can’t slash their prices to compete with poor quality providers is as follows:

  • Their employees are well qualified and have years of experience which means they earn a higher rate than inexperienced or unqualified tradesmen. This is critical because this determines what quality of floor you can expect once the job is done.


  • They don’t cut corners. This is the only way to guarantee an impeccably finished floor every time. A trustworthy company will not compromise on professionally completing each step in the sanding and coating process. Asking a customer to leave their home a second time to revisit a faulty job is not an embarrassment we impose on our clients. We get it right the first time, each and every time.


  • The last thing to be factored in for Wood floor sanding Kenmore, is that timber floors are a natural material. We love natural materials and part of their beauty is the fact that they are not generic, they are unpredictable and unique. As result, on occasion something unexpected may present itself meaning a floor may require special attention. An experienced company knows this and will allow for this in their quote. This means that they will complete the work to a high standard, even if this particular floor required additional time or attention. Companies who boast basement prices are unlikely to stick around to sort out any one-off challenges that may arise.


We hope that these pointers are useful to you to help choose a company for timber floor polishing Kenmore. We are knowledgeable and trustworthy and look after our clients and potential clients with solid advice and recommendations. If you have questions or would love further advice, why not call us today. A Custom Floors are the best choice in Floor Sanding Kenmore, you don’t need to go anywhere else.