As a well-established timber Floor Sanding Company In Annerley our team has been building our reputation in Brisbane for many years (with around 100 years’ experience shared between us). We have built our reputation on genuinely caring about our client’s vision and delivering it to the highest standard. Our mission is always to provide a professional experience with that personal touch, giving you confidence from the moment you contact us, through to that very last coat on your floors. We have a great team, all thoroughly experienced, with full qualifications. During our many years of wooden floor polishing in Annerley we pride ourselves on having clients who are delighted with the finished product.


Whether your timber floor is recently installed, or has seen years of life, when it comes to sanding and polishing we can give it the care it needs. We restore worn and weathered timber decks, bringing them back to life again. And when it comes to sanding and polishing staircases, let us turn yours into the attention-grabbing feature that your home deserves. Are broken or damaged floor boards your issue? Let us resolve this for you by sourcing expertly matched floor boards, skilfully restoring your floor and leaving you delighted with your timber floor polishing in Annerley experience. Is it wood-floor staining expertise that you require? This is our specialty. Whether you want to transform your floor to be a darker shade, or a lighter shade, we have the technique and the know-how to bring your vision to life. Builders in the Brisbane area will often struggle to source sufficient quantities of reclaimed pine for larger extension or renovation projects. This is because salvaged wood is notoriously hard to come by and builders will typically resort to using new pine to finish the build. This is where we come in. Our wood staining skills allow the old and the new wood to come together seamlessly. Your guests won’t be able to spot the difference. Our reputation for wood floor polishing in Annerley and through-out Brisbane is one that we are proud of. From installation, repair and timber-staining jobs, through to sanding and polishing, every task is completed to the very highest of standards. “Good enough” is not in our vocab.


We have invested in the very highest quality specialised equipment. We know that top-end machinery can make all the difference to producing an impeccable finish for your timber flooring. And when it comes to the products we use to coat your floors, we don’t work with anything but the best solvents and polyurethanes that there are available.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals


Expertise and Proficiency

In a finishing trade, Expertise and Proficiency is imperative. This is true of floor-sanding and polishing.  To be the best in our craft requires impeccable attention to detail. For this reason, the search for a high-quality floor sander is not an easy one. Here at A Custom Floor sanding Annerley we make sure that our crew consists only of skilled professionals committed to producing a high-end product, every time.

Top of the Line Machinery

Our choice of machinery is only the very best (imported from Europe). After careful research and years of experience we choose to use the Lagler Hummel line of equipment as it produces the finest finished product. When you combine well qualified staff with the very best machinery available you can expect the very best timber flooring as a result. It may surprise you that many companies in the trade choose to use low-quality equipment. What won’t surprise you is that this leads to poor quality results. Problems with too much dust being produced and rough sanding are a common outcome. These are the frustrations that can be avoided when you decide to go with us when you need wooden floor sanding in Annerley


Irrespective of the quality of your machinery, if the operator then uses poor quality coatings or sandpaper, then you will end up with a substandard floor. Our policy is to choose (once again), the very best when it comes to coatings and the sandpaper that we use. For belts and edger discs, our brands of choice are Norton and SIA. We work with the highest quality range of POLYCURE COATINGS when we need a solvent-based polyurethane finish. When we are using dual-part water-based polyurethane we stick to the high-end brands, LOBA DUO and BONA TRAFFIC for a water-based finish. When we are working on a timber deck, SIKKENS cetol is what we choose when our client requires an oil option, and then INTERGRAIN Ultra Deck when they want to go with water based.


Right from when you initially get in contact with us, and through until you are walking over your beautiful floor, you will see that A-Custom Timber Floor Polishing Annerley is professional, on-time, personable and obliging. We frequently hear of people expressing frustrations about other floor sanding companies that they are not time-efficient or diligent in responding to enquiries. You will quickly see when you read any of our reviews on google, that our company stands out head and shoulders above the rest in this respect. We have a solid record of the very best standard of work, coupled with outstanding customer care. The following is an example of a review we recently received on google: “Just want to say a big thank you to Bridgette and the team our floor boards look amazing! Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!” – Jenna Trickett

We Receive the Best Reviews in Brisbane

If you are looking for the company with the best reviews when searching wood floor sanding in Annerley and Brisbane-wide, you will find us! Our great reviews are the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. We believe in great service and outstanding workmanship. Have a look at our reviews on google to see for yourself.


We’re sure you’d agree that what separates a mediocre or substandard finish when it comes to wooden floor polishing in Annerley is just a modest difference in price. Having your floors polished or sanded to a high standard, should give you results that will last (if cared for properly) for at least ten years. Don’t make a mistake. There is nothing to lose if you choose right from the outset, a reputable, professional experienced company with almost a century of collective experience and know-how within the trade of floor sanding. Why wait? Contact us today, you will not regret coming with A-Custom Floor Polishing Annerley for what could be arguably the most noticed and most used feature of your house – your beautiful polished timber flooring!