If you want wooden floor sanding in Stradbroke Island, then look no further. At A Custom Floor we are proud to be the wooden flooring experts and we specialise in “wow-ing” our clients with outstanding service and excellent workmanship. Wouldn’t you agree, that reviewing previous customers insights about a company is the surest way to learn about them and what can be expected should you go ahead to enlist their services. In light of this, we would love you to check out what clients are saying about our team at A Custom Floor.

What is it about A Custom Floor that has our customers so pleased that they elected to entrust their floors to us? For starters, we know that caring for all the little details is crucial to success. To stand out as the best in our field of wooden floor polishing Stradbroke Island, we get an understanding of our customers vision for the floor. We then bring that vision to life whilst minimising any disruption to the client’s life. We put emphasis on good two-way communication with our clients as this is the only way to ensure the job is done right, from the get-go.

When you work with natural materials it requires extensive skill and know-how. We are pleased to have accumulated over two decades knowledge working as experts of timber Floor Sanding Stradbroke Island. This allows you to feel confident that your floors are in the best hands. Additionally, all of our individual team members have a minimum of ten years working in the industry so they have a solid base of know-how, skilfully working with the timber to produce gorgeous floors every time.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals

Setting out on any renovation or building project can seem intimidating so please consider the list of tips we have put together to help you on the best path:


Reviews are effectively a preview of what can be expected from a business. It’s not abnormal for clients booking wood floor polishing on Stradbroke Island to end up frustrated throughout the experience with some companies. Familiar complaints seem to include being unhappy with the completed floor, and annoyance at the poor service provided to them throughout. We think it’s smart to learn from other folks’ mistakes i.e., you should carry out thorough research before you commit your floors to a company. The most invaluable research tool available is reading the company’s Google + rating and considering what their online reviews reveal about their quality of service. This is the best way to get to know a company before you’ve agreed to go with them.


To avoid any nasty surprises be careful to ask for a comprehensive quote.  This is an essential foundation for your agreement with that flooring company, and a useful reference to hold onto. You should be uneasy if their ABN is absent or if the explanation of what they will provide is imprecise and lacking on details. As imperative as understanding what the fees are, is comprehending specifically what will be encompassed by those fees. Many people have regretted blindly opting for the lowest quote when it later turned out that their floor was ineptly sanded with inadequate materials used.


It is recommended that you get two or more quotes, especially if your renovations or building project is a larger one. Keep in mind the old saying, you get what was paid for. In our observation, this is often true of our trade. You should ask questions if a flooring company is quick to offer an abnormally low quote. This could be due to their cutting costs in areas that will impact the standard of the final floor.

Tricks Unethical Companies May Use to Cut Costs:

If a floor polishing Stradbroke Island company has no regard for quality they might opt for unprofessional tricks that save time and costs for themselves, but impact on quality for the client. Ensure the company has regard for the quality of their workmanship and doesn’t skimp on how many coats they apply to the floor. This results in problems for the home owner over time. Another short-cut might take place during the sanding process. For that highly desired silky finish, repetitive sanding using higher graded sandpaper with each sand is necessary. When a company is trying to cut costs in ways that they shouldn’t, they might insufficiently sand the timber floor, allowing visible scratches to remain.

What Can You Expect of a Quality Flooring Company?

A thorough, professional company in wood floor sanding Stradbroke Island would certainly not cut any corners that impact on the quality of the final product. They will include in their quote detailed information regarding the process and products to be used.

A discerning client will be pleased to see a quote which mentions the following:

  • Use of qualified and experienced employees. The capability of the employee actually completing the work is a big contributor to the final quality of the floor.
  • A detailed description that shows correct procedures throughout each stage of the sanding and polishing process. Good quality floor companies will be careful to follow all the steps required, with no cost cutting tactics that come from shoddy workmanship.
  • An allowance that factors in the responsiveness and flexibility required when working with natural products such as timber. Part of timber’s beauty comes from it being unique and therefore unpredictable and as such, there will usually be unique factors that require special attention with each job.  A skilled flooring specialist will have the know-how to ensure every floor is finished to the very highest standard, even when the timber has presented some challenges to overcome. Crafting timber is more art than science and an experience tradesman knows to anticipate this.

With the above-mentioned hints and suggestions, you can have confidence to begin your flooring project. To home owners who value quality we would encourage your getting in touch with A Custom Floor, to discuss all your timber floor polishing Stradbroke Island requirements. We are proud of our reputation, it is a reputation built up over time and reflects dedication and hard work. So, if you are searching for floor sanding Stradbroke Island then call us today for your free consultation. You’ll be happy you did.