A Custom Floor – Who are We? We have been building our reputation as the go-to floor sanding Brisbane company with more than 25 years working in the industry.

Our team are a group of skilled professionals who collectively have nearly a century’s worth of floor sanding experience behind us.

What this means for our clients is, they can enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that the important job of creating outstanding floors for their home has been entrusted to someone who will get it done right. Why do our clients recommend us to their friends and family? Quite simply because we know our craft inside out, we care, and we deliver outstanding results.

But it’s all well and good for us to tell you who we are… what’s much more important is what other people have to say. Have a quick read of A Custom Floors google reviews to see what our past clients have to say about their experiences with us. We have built up a stellar record as a trust-worthy company for floor sanding Brisbane!

The repeated observation you will probably notice when reading through our Google reviews is that clients love our professional work ethic and our friendly customer service. From the first point of contact through to delivering the final finished product, we care about keeping our customers happy. We comprehend how stressful it can be undertaking large projects and changes to your home and so our goal is to make it a hassle-free experience, one that contrasts with what people often experience when dealing with the trades industry. You will thank yourself for choosing A Custom Floor.

So, What’s the Recipe For Delivering Top Quality Timber Floors?

It can be broken down to three key ingredients. Firstly, our many years of experience in the industry. Secondly, the fact that we have high quality (or in other words, expensive) equipment, and thirdly, that we use the very best quality coatings available.

Our team of flooring specialist are all highly experienced professionals who have each worked in the industry for at least a decade. They have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skill.  The equipment we use is carefully sourced as we work only with the very best. The same can be said of our choice of coatings, we select the highest quality available on the market. We choose Polycure or Feast Watson for solvent based finishes and Loba or Bona for waterbased finishes as brands we know to provide the results that we want.

Delivering high-class results for every client is the benchmark we set ourselves and we are proud of the reputation we have built over the many years for doing this. When it comes to floor sanding Brisbane, we are the reliable and reputable option if quality is important to you.


Getting The Job Done

The Preparation Phase

We take care and consideration through each phase of your flooring project. Being diligent from the get-go is the only way to guarantee a final result to be proud of; and for you that final product is a stunning timber floor for years to come.

To start off your furniture will need to be removed from the area prior to our arrival. Then, if you have carpets or lino down on the floors we can arrange to remove the coverings including importantly, all left-over staples or nails. The last step of preparation is to punch down all nails that fix boards to the joists. This gets rid of any pesky creaks that you may have been putting up with as well as eliminating future movement between your floor boards.

Possible Floor Repair Phase

Sometimes when we pull up the floor covering we find that there has been some damage to the floor boards beneath, from previous years of wear and tear. We can usually look after this for you on the spot. Any floor boards that have been broken or irreparably damaged can be replaced with floor boards that we source from Brisbane’s timber salvage yards. There is quite a skill to finding boards that are a good match for your existing floor. We aim to match them so that there isn’t a stark difference between the new and the old.

The Floor Sanding Phase

Once the preparation phase and any repairs have been taken care of we then move on to starting the floor sanding process.

Typically, with previously used floors we will start off at a 45-degree angle while using rough grade sand paper. This allows us to achieve is lateral flatness.

After the initial rough grade sand, we will sand the floor repeatedly along the wood grain, using progressively finer grades of sandpaper with each sand. For the very last sand, we will use one of our rotary sanders, which is designed to remove any trace of sanding marks, producing a perfectly buffed, smooth-to-the-touch final finish. What you have now is a fabulously smooth floor that is ready to be coated.

We know that Australians are proud of their homes and so choosing the right company when searching floor sanding Brisbane can be daunting. But don’t feel overwhelmed. When you go with A Custom Floor we are with you along each step, taking the hassles and concerns out of the whole decision-making process. Your focus can be on letting us know what it is you want, and then enjoying the final product.

What Coatings Do We Use?

Option 1: Solvent based Polyurethanes

A popular and you might say tradition choice when it comes to floor coating would have to be solvent based polyurethanes. These are a popular choice that has stood the test of time for good reason, particularly if you are seeking a high gloss finish. For glossy finishes Solvent based Poly is a proven choice due to the depth of finish that it will deliver.

It is not only limited to being used in a high gloss capacity either. When administered by a skilled and experience tradesman, high quality solvent-based polyurethane can produce a warm and contemporary result using their Satin, Matt or Semi-gloss finishes.

Option 2: Water based Polyurethanes

If you are seeking a impeccable furniture-like finish on your flooring, then Water based Polyurethane would be a superb choice for you. Solvent based polyurethanes are popular and great for achieving those high gloss finishes true, but if you prefer a more subtle, low sheen look, then we would definitely recommend one of our top-quality water based polyurethanes.

The benefits that come with using a water based product include the fact that they are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fast drying and low odor. The fast drying aspect contributes to a flawless final product as fine dust is less likely to cause any issues during this crucial phase.


What Coating Brands Do We Choose?

At A Custom Floor, we only work with the best quality coatings on the market.

For solvent based polyurethanes our favoured brands are POLYCURE & FEAST WATSON. When we are using water based polyurethanes, we opt for LOBA DUO & BONA TRAFFIC products.

Staining Floors

When it comes to floor staining, you are in good hands with us. To achieve the perfect look for their home, many clients will elect to get their timber flooring stained. If done well, floor staining can elevate low-cost, run-of-the-mill timber to become the absolute focal point of your home.

With Floor Staining, there are two main options to choose between.

For clients desiring a darker look, eg a lovely walnut or black japan finish, then we would likely suggest that we stain the timber directly.  Direct staining is a more time-intensive process, but it results in a fantastic finish.

For clients who want just a slightly darker finish, perhaps looking for more of a subtle change to the tone of their timber floor, we would recommend a tinted stain coat. Tint staining is quite a fine art, and takes experience and skill to get the balance just right for a consistent finish across the whole floor.

When it comes to floor staining, each step is important, but possibly the most crucial step, is the consultation with our highly knowledgeable team. This is crucial because it allows us to understand what final look you have in mind for your floors. We know how important this part is and we take the time to listen and get a clear understanding of the look that you would like us to create. That is why our process includes demonstrating for you the various tones and colours that can be achieved for your floors, before we go ahead with the stain. Our job is taking the vision that you have in your head, and then creating it for your home.

Why We Love Timber Floors, And Why You Will Too

Timber flooring is incredibly hard-wearing and will last in your home for a very long time. In contrast to carpet, which quickly becomes embedded with dust and can look worn-out and drab in just a few years, wood is hard-wearing and actually makes your home a healthier place to live in. For a solid investment that adds value to your house, while contributing warmth and natural beauty, you truly cannot go past a polished timber floor.

As a natural product, properly sanded timber floorboards are soft to touch and feel pleasant to walk across. Not only is it visually pleasing, giving a warm and cosy ambience, it is also a natural insulator, creating warmth in a room.  This is thanks to the thousands of tiny air chambers within each cubic centimetre that trap heat, insulating a room and passively warming it.

Wood is one of the oldest and most tried and tested flooring material around. Timber floors are very durable and if cared for correctly they will last for many generations. Throughout the centuries, wood has proven to be a beautiful and enduring choice for people’s homes.

Timber floors are great option for minimal upkeep. They are easy to clean and with just a broom and the occasional mop will contribute to the health of your home and therefore the health of your family. Unlike other flooring options, timber does not provide a place for allergens such as pet hair, pollen or mould to thrive. Opting for wood is a smart decision for anybody who is an allergy sufferer.

With increased social and environmental awareness, many Australians want to choose products that are environmentally-friendly. Timber is a natural product that is both a renewable and recyclable resource. While discarded carpet and vinyl will inevitably end up in the local landfill, never to be reused again, “old” timber floors retain their value and can be sanded and restored to their original appearance.

Not only will you will be helping your carbon footprint, you are also making a good choice for your home environment. Studies have shown, and medical experts agree that timber floors are a healthier choice over other flooring options. The mould and dust mites that build up in carpets can exacerbate allergies.

Furthermore, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (a branch of the United States National Institute of Health) recently reported on the “adverse effects of carpeted floors on perceived indoor air quality as well as worsening of symptoms in individuals with asthma and allergies”. They recommended “avoiding extensive carpet use in offices, schools, kindergartens and bedrooms”. Timber floors are an excellent choice when caring for the health of your loved ones.

So there you have it. The benefits to choosing timber for your floors goes well beyond aesthetics.  And now that you know what to expect when dealing with seasoned professionals to perfect your floors, call us now for a complimentary appraisal of your timber floors!

Don’t delay, get in touch today. We can make the whole process as smooth as those gorgeous wooden floors that you will soon be walking over.