A Custom Floor Sanding. Who are we? We are is a timber floor sanding company in Coorparoo working hard for 25 years in the floor sanding industry. Together, our talented team is coming up on a century of collective experience! Once in our skilled hands you can be confident that your floor will be turned into a magnificent feature of your house. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for this. Jump online to read the inde-pendent reviews left on google by previous customers. We have worked hard to stack up the best reviews for wooden floor polishing company in Coorparoo and throughout Brisbane! You’ll no doubt notice the common thread with reviews about our company is that our clients love the unwavering professionalism. You can enjoy this from your very first contact with us, through to final completion of your gorgeous floors. We take care to make the whole process easy and uncomplicated for our clients, thus minimising the frustration that can often be experienced when navigating the trades industry. You won’t regret leaving your wood floor sanding in Coorparoo for us to deliver on. What’s the secret to achieving such consistently high-quality reviews? It’s this simple: We Use Only High-Quality Coatings – We’ve invested in High End (Expensive) Machinery – We have decades of Experience

Our floor sanders and polishers are all experts and highly skilled.
We own top quality machinery which, when combined with our depth of experience, delivers superior results. Experience tells us that our floors can only be completed to the standard we require if the highest quality coatings are used. Here at A Custom Floor Sanding Coorparoo we choose only the best brands of coating, such as Loba and Polycure.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals



After you have relocated your furniture, we will handle every phase of the work that leads up to the delivery of those stunning polished timber floors. The process starts by removing your floor coverings if present, with care taken to extract all nails and staples while we go. Any nails that are fixing boards to joists are punched down. This usually eradicates any pesky creaks that you may have been enduring and makes sure there is no future movement of floor boards.

Repairing Boards

When lifting the floor coverings, we at times discover some damage to the floor that was previously not visible. We repair damaged flooring as we uncover it, sourcing boards of a similar age to your floor from Brisbane salvage yards.

The Floor sanding

Now we are ready to commence the sanding process. After assessing the condition that the floor is in, we might first sand on a 45 degree angle, initially using sand paper with a rough grade sand. We do this to attain lateral flatness. We next repeatedly sand the floor with the grain numerous times, each time using slightly finer sandpaper than the time before. For the last sanding preparation, we always use a rotary sander. A rotary sander buffs away any fine sanding marks that were produced when we used the belt sander. The floor will now be extremely smooth and will be ready for applying the coatings. Making choices for wood floor polishing in Coorparoo might seem daunting but don’t let it overwhelm you, we are right here ready to help you with your decisions along the way.


Using Solvent based Polyurethanes

Traditionally, timber floors have often been coated with solvent based polyurethanes. For a large number of people, this continues to be their product of choice. If you are seeking a high gloss finish, it really is hard to ignore the depth of finish that it can achieve. Additionally, the top-quality solvent based polyurethanes which we use will also pro-duce beautiful contemporary and warm results through use of the Matt, Semi-gloss and Satin finishes which are available.

Using Water-based Polyurethanes

You will find that water-based Polyurethane really produces an outstanding furniture like coating for your timber floor. It is true that polyurethanes that are solvent based give aesthetically pleasing results when you want a high gloss finish, but if you want a low sheen finish, we would recommend a water based polyurethane. Water-based Polyurethane is nontoxic, it is low odour and it is environmentally friendly. Because it has a very fast drying time, very few dust particles present for the final finish. Good quality water based products will produce a very consistent and even sheen.

Which Brands Do We Prefer?

We will only use top-quality coatings here at A Custom Timber Floor Polishing Coorparoo. The selection of solvent based coatings that we recommend are POLYCURE & FEAST WATSON. The selection of water based coatings that we recommend are LOBA DUO & BONA TRAFFIC


We are timber floor staining experts.

After arranging wooden floor sanding in Coorparoo, a popular choice is to also get their timber floors stained. If you opt for an economical timber choice, getting it stained afterwards can be transformative, creating a beautiful masterpiece. Fundamentally, there are two main staining options. For customers looking to achieve a moderately darkened appearance or who want to subtly change the tone of the timber floor, we would use a tint stain coat. It takes expert skills to achieve impeccable consistency across a timber floor. For customers who want a darker look, perhaps black japan or walnut then we usually recommend staining the timber directly. This process is a time consuming one, but it does produce extraordinary results! The critical element to attaining an excellent stain result is starting with a thorough and expert consultation. Before we start staining your floors, we will give you a demonstration of samples of your floor so that you can have complete confidence that your vision is going to come to life as you imagined. Contact us now for a complimentary appraisal of your homes timber flooring!
At A Custom Floor Polishing Coorparoo, we are trained and experienced in delivering you the beautiful timber floor that you’ve been hoping for.