Choosing The Right Stain For Your Hardwood

Now that your floor has been sanded, it is time to choose the perfect finish. How to choose? There are so many great stain options. The following list reveals the most used stains and finishes that protect your valuable hardwood. It’s a good idea to choose top coats that last longer and are easy to clean and reapply. Ask our experts at A Custom Floor Sanding Brisbane for more information on finishes that will suit your hardwood floors. Keep in mind that very shiny finishes easily show marks and scratches.

There are different types of polyurethane finishes:

Moisture based urethane: This is mostly used in gyms and bowling alleys because it’s very durable and resists moisture but it is not recommended for do-it-yourself floors as it is highly volatile and flammable material. Let AC Floor Sanding do that finish for you. They will know the proper procedures and safety measures for preparing and installing this material.

Water based: It looks clear and doesn’t smell so strong. It dries fast, so if you’re in a hurry you can apply coatings with only a couple of hours of waiting in between. It does need more coatings than other polyurethane, at least four to five. Some water-based products now have UV-blocking properties to prevent fading. This finish is good for maple hardwood and for preserving the natural look of any hardwood. These are more expensive than oil based polyurethanes. When applying coatings, it dries fast and looks very clear so make sure when applying you mark where you finished off each section. Because this solution is thin, it might need to be reapplied to the floor every couple of years to keep it looking new.

Oil based: Compared to water-based, it only needs a few coatings at least two to three. If you’re looking for an amber type of colour like for oak floors, this is the choice for you. However, you will need to wait about five to six hours after each coating and at least 12 hours after the final coating before doing anything on that floor. The smell is also quite strong so use the necessary protection for your lungs.

Conversion varnish : Instead of curing using moisture in the air like moisture cured urethane, conversion varnishes which are getting more popular are acid-cured. It is hard to change chemically once set or cured so this means you can pretty much use mild soaps or cleaners on it without damaging it too much. It doesn’t yellow so it looks great no matter how much time goes by. This dries fast as well. It is also easy to revarnish when needed. However, because of its chemical composition, work sites need to be well ventilated and proper respirators need to be worn for protection. This finish is extremely flammable. No catalyst for fire should be present.

To keep any finish lasting longer, good regular cleaning is necessary to remove all rocks and dirt that can be rubbed on the floor and remember to put rugs or mats on places where pets or people walk the most.


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