We are proud to have built a great Timber Floor Sanding Company In Thorneside and in surrounding Brisbane. Within our team we have coming up to a century (yes, 100 years) collective experience. We pride ourselves on always being punctual, professional, trustworthy with avid attention to detail. What we prioritise, is giving you service that you want to recommend, and an experience that is a pleasure from the original contact with us, right through to when the last coat is complete (and beyond). Our team is made up exclusively of highly qualified staff who each have years of experience within the floor sanding industry. We care for your wooden floor polishing in Thorneside like it were our own, which means we know you will walk away delighted by your experience with us.


We specialise in sanding and of course polishing timber floors (old ones and new ones). We can work wonders sanding/polishing up your staircase and if you need your old deck restored, we can make it look better than it ever did. What about damaged floor boards? You will be in good hands because we know how to source quality reclaimed flooring that is either similar or (our goal) identical to the existing timber in your house. From there, we will capably care for all your needs, just as you hoped for when researching timber floor polishing in Thorneside. Is it floor staining that require? We specialise in this, so your floors would be in good hands. You might learn that when it comes to sizeable renovation projects and extensions it can be very difficult for builders to find sufficient ‘pre-loved’ flooring to give you house the authentic look that you were hoping for. In this case your builder will likely use new pine and then all you need to do is get in contact with us so that we can use our skills and expertise to impeccably marry the new pine in with the old pine. You will struggle to spot the difference. We also offer staining of timber floors, giving your floors an exciting new make-over from light to dark, or dark to light, creating whatever look you want for your space. Our reputation proceeds us when it comes to floor sanding and to wood floor polishing in Thorneside and greater Brisbane. Whatever the job at hand; flooring installation, repairs, floor staining, or timber floor sanding/polishing we ensure that we deliver workmanship of the highest standard.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals


We have gone all out when it comes to sourcing the very best machinery for our business. The equipment that we use is always the best on the market. Why this matters, is because it means that you get to enjoy floors with a visibly superior finish. We use nothing but the highest quality solvent and the finest water-based polyurethanes on the market.


Our Knowledge and Many Years of Experience

Knowledge and ample Experience is vital when you are in a finishing trade. We know this to be particularly true of sanding and polishing floors. Our trade needs a higher degree of fastidiousness not necessary in most other trades. Acquiring floor sanding and polishing tradesmen who have such qualities can be quite the mission. We are proud of our team at A-Custom Floor sanding Thorneside because we have what it takes to produce an exceptional result for our valued clients each and every time we complete a job.

High Quality Machinery

We are equipped with the very best machinery, shipped in from Europe. We choose Lagler Hummel machines for the simple reason that we know they produce superior floors. So that’s our secret recipe. Skilled and professional tradesman along with modern and high-end equipment. What’s the outcome?  A gorgeous timber floor. The truth is, that many companies who are offering flooring services are operating old and inexpensive equipment. What this will mean for you, is excessive dust during the sanding process and inferior sanding. Make an informed decision and don’t fall for this mistake when you seek out wooden floor sanding in Thorneside

Great Quality Coatings

Having an experienced sander, even one with sophisticated equipment, will not result in a quality product if they then use cheap coatings. We don’t try to cut cost when it comes to the of material that we use. Our sandpaper, our coating… e