What is it about A Custom Floor that makes it the most dependable timber floor sanding company in West End? We can list many reasons, a significant one being the fact that we’ve been producing our beautiful floors for 25 years. A quarter century of building and polishing our reputation. If you break it down another way, our collective experience across our individual team members, adds up to be nearly 100 years worth of experience! Experience is a huge asset which is why our team is very experienced and highly qualified.

When you see our google reviews you will increasingly understand the value of choosing our company with each positive comment that you read. Many customers prior to you have entrusted their timber floors to us and have walked away delighted with the final result, and you can expect to enjoy the same outcome.

We deliver what we promise to deliver and that is why we have earned the status of best reviewed wooden floor polishing company in West End, in fact we are the best reviewed company in Brisbane overall!

We really stand out as different from the crowd because not only do we have impeccable workmanship, we also place high value on building a great working relationship with each and every one of our clients.

We empower our clients to make great decisions. From the moment you contact us we are all about educating you on your best options and enabling you to bring your vision for your timber floors to life.

We like to make our client’s lives easier, not more difficult or frustrating. If you want to avoid the hassles that often encountered, then you should leave your wood floor sanding in West End to experts who assist you every step of the way…. and for that, you can’t go past A Custom Floor.

More than just being a friendly and professional source of information and assistance in your decision making, we have also invested heavily in our business so that we have the methods to produce the best results. How so?

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals

Firstly, all of our machinery is absolutely top of the line. And secondly, we only use the very best quality products that are available on the market. That is our winning formula: many years of experience, using only the best machinery and floor coatings available. That is how we deliver our top-quality results. There’s no big secret, it’s as simple as that. If you want the best for your Floor Sanding West End, then A Custom Floor is the company you want to be dealing with.

Getting the Sanding Done Right

We find that our customers feel a lot more comfortable through the process of bringing their wooden floors to life, if they have a clear understanding of the work that we do.  Allow us to give you an overview now, so you know what is involved and what to expect.

Phase One

Once the furniture is out of the way we can get to the floors. Timber floors are often hidden by some type of floor covering such as linoleum or carpet which of course needs to be removed. We are happy to provide you with a quote to take off the floor covering including anything holding it in place, be that stables, nails or glue. If there are nails in place that attach boards to joists in your home then we will punch these down as required – often miraculously getting rid of some pesky creaks that you have been putting up with, and preventing unwanted movement between the floorboards.

Phase Two

When we have removed floor coverings it is sometimes the case that there is some pre-existing damage to individual boards that was not previously known about. We are skilled in dealing with this. If the board is not recoverable to our high standard, what we will do is quote you to replace it entirely. Now obviously if it is an older floor then chucking down some shiny new piece of timber fresh off the mill is going to stand out like a sore thumb. We instead have great sources of salvaged timber that allow us to find a board that matches the existing floor in age and appearance so that it can be replaced without looking any different from the rest of the floor.