Who is AC floor sanding?

We are a timber floor polishing company in Brisbane with an outstanding reputation within the flooring industry, built up over the last 25 years. As a team, we have collectively acquired just shy of 100 years’ experience! This means our customers can have complete confidence that their timber floor is in the hands of very capable craftsmen. Why does that matter? Because it means we have the skills to turn your timber floor into a feature that will get your house guests talking. But we won’t just ask you to take us at our word. Get online to see what our Google Reviews have to say about us. You might notice that the common thread throughout our reviews is that we are recognised for our professional approach and the high standard of service we deliver from our first greeting, through to the final sign-off. We understand the importance of making the process as easy as possible for our customers so that they don’t have to deal with the frustrations that often go along with getting trade work done. There will be no regrets when you entrust your floor polishing work to A Custom Floor.

What’s Our Secret to Achieving First Class Results?

It’s a simple but winning formula: We have years of Experience, we own the highest quality machinery, and we work only with the best Coatings on the market All of our floor sanders and polishers are experts, with a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the floor sanding industry. We match our outstanding expertise with expensive, first class machinery because we know that it’s the only way to achieve the results that we are proud to deliver our clients. Additionally, top quality coatings are the only option if a floor is to be completed at the high standard of quality that we set ourselves. We will use only the high-end brands that we know we can trust such as Polycure and Loba.

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Professionals


How We Prepare

We take care of every aspect of the preparation work that culminates in the final product: your gorgeous timber floor. Firstly, all furniture needs to be removed from the floor area. If there are floor coverings present (such as linoleum or carpet) we can arrange to take them out, along with any left-over nails or staples. Next, we punch down any nails that are fixing boards to joists, thus eliminating any troublesome creaks that may have been bothering you. This procedure also prevents future movement of the floor boards.

Repairing Floors

Occasionally removal of the carpet or lino will also reveal damaged flooring that may have previously gone unnoticed. This is not a problem, we will take care of damaged floor boards using carefully selected replacement boards from timber salvage yards. We are adept in sourcing boards that are of a comparable era and style to seamlessly match your existing flooring.

Sanding the Floors

With the preparation taken care of, we are now ready to start the floor sanding pro-cess. Dependent on the condition that the floors are in, we will often start by using a rough-graded sand paper to sand on a 45-degree angle. The purpose of this is to create lateral flatness. We then repeatedly sand the floor (this is done working with the wood grain) progressively using a finer grade of sandpaper each time. Finally, we finish sanding by using a rotary sander, expertly buffing away any fine sanding marks to produce a flawless final finish. By now your floor is superbly smooth and we are ready to apply the coatings. Your home is important and making the best choice when seeking floor polishing Brisbane may feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. At A-Custom Floors we will be there every step of the way to take the stress out of the decision-making process.


Solvent based Polyurethane

A popular and tried-and-tested choice for floor coating has always been solvent based polyurethane. This is a well-established option that many people still favour and if a high gloss finish is the goal, then you can’t go wrong given the depth of finish it can achieve. That been said, with skill and experience a good quality solvent-based polyurethane can also be used to produce very warm and modern results using the Matt, Semi-gloss and Satin finishes.

Water based Polyurethane

Water based Polyurethanes can be an excellent option to consider to achieve a superior, furniture-like finish for your floors. The traditional solvent based p